Organic Tampons, Pads & Cups

Dont forget your Vajayjay

Most women now are aware of the nasty chemicals in traditional make up and skin care products, yet they continue to use chemicals on internally! Well no more ladies. Switching to non-toxic organic tampons & pads is easy with Elyce Victoria. We stock a great range of natural and certified organic tampons and pads, free from perfumes, chemicals and bleach! Choose organic tampons that are good for you and the environment.

Certified Organic Tampons

Certified organic tampons are chemical, bleach and toxin free! They are also beneficial for the environment as the organic cotton breaks down faster than traditional supermarket synthetic alternatives. At Elyce Victoria we cater for every budget, stocking the best brands in organic & natural tampons, allowing you to feel your best naturally! The list of brands we carry is continually growing so that we can offer you the latest in natural and organic tampons & pads. At Elyce Victoria it is your health and wellbeing that is our priority.