Organic Body Lotion & Oil

Nourish your skin

Why would you choose to cover you skin with nasty chemicals, when natural & organic body lotion is available. Nourish & hydrate your skin with all natural ingredients. The skin is our bodies largest organ, and can potentially absorb ingredients, it’s important to nourish your skin with nutrients and minerals made from natural and organic processes. Our range of organic body lotions are full of nourishing, non-greasy, hydrating ingredients. Choose organic body lotion and natural oils that are good for you and nourish your skin.

Your Health is our Priority

Looking beautiful does not have to comprise your health and wellbeing. At Elyce Victoria we select organic & natural body lotion brands based on strict criteria. The care we take in selecting the brands we stock extends beyond just the label, to the sustainability of the product itself. We cater for every budget, stocking the best brands in organic lotion & natural oils, allowing you to look your best naturally! The list of brands we carry is continually growing so that we can offer you the latest in natural and organic body lotion. At Elyce Victoria it is your health and wellbeing that is our priority.

Organic Body Lotion & Natural Oil