Natural Insect Repellent

Buzz Off

We all hate being eating alive by mosquitos in summer, but what can you do? Help repel those annoying insects with our range of natural mosquito repellent. These handy carry sprays are perfect for the family BBQ, camping trip or picnics. Our natural insect repellents are free from the nasty chemicals harmful to your skin seen in traditional insect repellents. However this does not mean they are any less effective when it comes to keeping the mozzies off you!


Natural insect repellent works using essentials oils like citronella & lemongrass that are proven to work like DEET by masking the scent of your body from insects. Keep the insects at bay by choosing from our beautiful range of natural insect repellent containing these essential oils. With Elyce Victoria you will find all mosquito repellent that is effective, safe and suitable for your whole family.